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Get to Know Me

Hello and thank you for looking through this website.  I am passionate about helping my clients understand themselves and feel better.  I think a good therapeutic relationship based on collaboration, warmth and empathy is key to success in therapy.


Having practiced as a sex and relationship counsellor for over 20 years, I wanted to broaden my practice so I trained in CBT at the University of Oxford.  Although I enjoy working with anxiety, eating and OCD, I decided to specialise in psychological trauma. To help people step out of  unimaginable darkness and free themselves in order to move forward with their lives is a real privilege.  As part of this I have trained in EMDR which is one of the powerful tools we have for healing and is recommended by NICE.

 I keep my skills up-to-date and have regular supervision.  I am currently finishing my MSc in CBT at the University of Oxford. My private practice is only open one day a week as I also work in a school as a CBT/EMDR therapist.

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